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Immerse Yourself in Murals that Inspire You to Live

So, first things first, we sit down and chat. You tell me all about your ideas—what kind of vibe you want, any specific themes or colors you’re into, and where you envision this mural going. It’s all about gathering those juicy details to make sure we’re on the same page.

Once we’ve nailed down your vision, I dive into the creative zone. This is where I take all those ideas and start sketching out designs or creating digital mock-ups. It’s the fun part where your vision starts coming to life on paper (or screen)!

Now comes the exciting part—bringing that design into the real world. We prep the wall or surface, making sure everything’s smooth and ready. Then, I get to work painting or applying the mural, making sure every brushstroke or detail matches what we planned. It’s all about making sure your space looks amazing with the new addition!

MY Latest Work


Originally a native of New York City, Jon Sierra is now based in Lakeland, Florida. As a National Addy Award winning art director and graphic designer, he has partnered with many companies such as Allen & Company of Florida Inc., D’Lucas, Peak Worship, Hurta Solutions, AgAmerica, Greenstar Panels, Northway, and many others, all while earning a Bachelor’s Degree at Southeastern University and earning more than 10 years of experience in Marketing and Creative Direction. When he’s not creating, he’s still creating. A lover of all mediums of Art, Jon occasionally dabbles in the culinary world as a private chef. As a chef, he holds the honor of being chosen as a Top 100 finalist of Season 5 of Masterchef on Fox. In addition to this, he has a decade of experience as a Music Director and recently started down a road toward holding a reputable name in the Fine Arts world. He is currently operating as Art Director for several projects and is searching for an opportunity in the modern Street Art movement, along with continuing to hold onto the dream of owning an original restaurant concept. If he had any advice, it would be “Don’t Stop Believing.”



How It Works

Discover how easy it is to refer clients to us and start earning commission on every successful booking. Whenever you connect us with a lead for a mural, once the invoice is paid you will receive a 10% commission for simply generating a sales lead as simple as that. The job must be completed with contracts signed in order for the commission to be finalized. 

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Submit your client’s information and project details, and we’ll connect with them to develop a mural that meets their needs. 

For any questions feel free to contact us at sierracreativegroup@gmail.com